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a place where you are free to gain and share knowledge, ideas, and opportunities by communicating with the experts belonging to various different fields. a community for knowledge geeks aka Plymouth’s connect, jam, share, network.

About Us

We Deliver Quality Education

Welcome to We Are Plymouth’s, a place where you are free to gain and share knowledge, ideas, and opportunities by communicating with the experts belonging to various different fields. No matter where you come from, if you have a thirst for knowledge, if you aspire to achieve something greater in life, be among life-changers, and if you call yourself a knowledge geek, you are welcome because you have arrived at the perfect destination which belongs to you!

Our Mission

We aim to deliver quality packed content of conventional Topics using non-conventional methods for better understanding.
we are an education hub consisting of coders, designers, security experts, researchers, developers, and many more working together.

Our Main Goal Is To Deliver Quality Education. Using Non-conventional Methods Teaching On Trending Technologies and it’s Awareness.

Helping Hands

We Are Helping less Developed Schools & Colleges In Rural Areas.


We Provide Career Opportunities, Training, Mentorship, and Consultation Sessions.

Methods of Work

Conducting sessions on Women & child safety, Awareness, Women’s rights.


Introduce Non-conventional Content And Spread awareness that is helpful for everyone to bring diversity. In eduation no matter wheather it is tech or nontech.


Our service consultants help define technology barriers to improve business tech aspects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

Plymouth means knowledge geeks one who urge to learn. being Curious to answer that haven’t answered yet we consider each member as Plymouth .

We’re Plymouths is an education hub and a research & development venture working along UNDP’s 4th Factor Delivering Quality Education Using Non-Conventional Methods Of Studies.

What People Say About Us

You Are in Good Hands

overall I just attended some of the sessions but these were really awesome. the team we are Plymouth’s did really hard work to make all the things happened!
I always appreciate your initiative goals & plans

Zubair Ansari DSC Lead, SMIU University

We are Plymouths is a good platform where security enthusiasts can come together and grow by sharing and gaining knowledge being a team

Swapnil Pandya Founder, Interno infosecInfosec

This is a really interesting virtual InfoSec event rammed full of content that would satisfy any and every Hacker! I’d consider this event more of a Hacker Conference in the (awesome) traditional sense of the description. Good luck to the organizers and we wish them all the best.

Henry Dalziel
Team, Infosec-Conferences

We are Plymouth can be considered as a group of committed and intelligent young fellows. As a speaker of one of the WAP’s webinar I have seen very much confident and organized teamwork also the social commitment of wap can be seen from their initiatives itself.

Sarath GCybersecurity Trainer, Technovalley Software pvt. ltd

Infosec in our country will grow only with communities like we are Plymouths, bringing great educational initiatives.

Naveen SSecurity Team, Freshworks
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